Let RED by Petrus flavour your beautiful moments. Whether you want to make a toast at a birthday party, enjoy a drink with friends in a nice bar or dine at home with a loved one, together with RED you will create great #redmoments.

What's your RED moment?

Life is too short not to celebrate beautiful moments.
In your favourite bar or at home.
You choose. Let RED by Petrus flavour them.

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The best time to celebrate is
whenever you can!

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Ready to flavour up your moment?

RED is an intriguing fruit beer for connoisseurs who dare and for gourmets who are looking for a true taste explosion.
RED has a full and powerful taste, with a pleasant cherry flavour. Be warned: it’s a very smooth beer.

A blend of high fermentation and sour beer.
Beer style
Strong fruit beer.
Colour and clarity
Red. Really deep red.
Aroma and flavour
Full-bodied, fruity and refreshingly sour at the same time.
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A little party
never killed nobody!

When in doubt, drink red

Exceptionally smooth and refreshing

Despite its high alcohol content, RED is exceptionally smooth and refreshing. This is due to the addition of foederbeer that matures for 24 months in impressive oak casks. The foederbeer is used as a blend to give RED a fresh and slightly sour taste and aroma.

Stylish and elegant

This deliciously powerful fruit beer comes into its own in the elegant RED glass. Ideal to enjoy a nice moment in style in your favourite (summer) bar or at home.

A taste explosion!

RED is made with delicious cherries and a lot of love. You can taste that! From the first sip, RED is experienced as a true explosion of flavour: full-bodied, fresh and fruity. Chosen as the Best Belgian fruit beer for a reason.

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Want to know more about Red?

Do you have a question about RED beer? Our would you like to serve RED in your on-trade establishment?
Then please contact us.

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