RED by Petrus voted world's best fruity beer

More awards for Brasserie De Brabandere's beers. Barely a month after RED by Petrus won a silver medal at the World Beer Challenge, it went on to win first prize as Belgium's best fruity beer, and was recently voted best fruity beer in the world at the prestigious World Beer Awards.

Red Wba 2023

Strong fruit beer

RED by Petrus is an intriguing beer. It has a full and powerful taste, with a pleasant cherry flavour. Thanks to the addition of 15% sour beer, RED is particularly easy to drink despite its high alcohol content. But what is sour beer? Well, sour beer matures in very large oak barrels called “foeders”. This beer is used as a blend beer to give other beers a fresh and slightly sour taste and aroma.

Red By Petrus World Beer Awards Min

Blind tasting by international jury

The World Beer Awards are the reference for beer awards and many breweries enter their beers every year. How are they judged? Albert De Brabandere explains: "All beers are blind tested and judged by beer connoisseurs and beer journalists from all over the world. That is why the World Beer Awards are internationally highly regarded and considered the Oscars of beer awards." RED by Petrus now competes as Belgium's best fruit beer against winners from other countries and still has a chance to win the title of best fruit beer in the world.

Other beers also win prizes

RED by Petrus is not the only beer of De Brabandere Brewery that won a medal. Bavik Super Pils was also awarded best Belgian lager and our typical foederbeer Petrus Aged Pale won gold in the wood-aged beers category for the second year in a row.