Admit it, there’s nothing better than enjoying the simple things in life, like a visit to your favourite pub with your friends. And what better way to enjoy your get-together than with a delicious RED?

That way simple things are quickly becoming unforgettable moments.

Because life is a succession of beautiful moments we like to share with the people around us. And ultimately, it’s not the days we remember, it’s the moments.

So for now... enjoy your #REDmoment!

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Life was meant for good
friends and great

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Would you like to taste an intriguing beer? Then RED is definitely something for you. A beer for those who dare to take a risk. It has a full and powerful taste, with a pleasant cherry flavour. Be warned: it’s a very smooth beer.

8,5% Alcohol
Fermentation Okay, if you’re really interested: a blend of high fermentation and sour beer. *
Beer style Strong fruit beer.
Colour Red. Really deep red.

* You really want to know everything, don’t you? Well, sour beer matures in very large oak barrels called “foeders”. This beer is used as a blend beer to give other beers a fresh and slightly sour taste and aroma.
A little party
never killed nobody!

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